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Automotive Tips from M & H Tire & Treads Inc: Alignment Inspection

Posted January 13, 2019 08:38 AM

Uneven tire wear, the car pulling to one side or a steering wheel that is off-center are signs for Creedmoor drivers that their wheels may be out of alignment.

When doing an alignment inspection, the service advisor at M & H Tire & Treads Inc will inspect your tires for uneven wear as well as suspension and steering parts for signs of wear or damage. He’ll also compare your current alignment with the vehicle manufacturer’s settings.

Your vehicle owner’s manual will have a recommendation for when to check alignment. Of course, this recommendation is based on normal driving. If you have been in a crash, hit a curb/pothole, frequently drive off-road around Creedmoor, or notice any symptoms of misalignment, have your M & H Tire & Treads Inc service advisor perform an important alignment check.

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